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Then the action continues out on the Broadwalk along Hollywood Beach. Filmed on location outside Deadbeats.

Then we return to the school gym, location unsure.

Then we go upstairs from the gym for the famous howling scene. This was filmed on location at Miami Sr. High School.

Then back to the locker room.

Then we return to the girl’s shower. Likely filmed at Miami Sr. High School but possibly a set. Location unsure.

Then we cut to the Principals office. Filming location unknown.

Then to the locker room, location unsure but likely at Miami Sr. High School.

Then we see the kids at a school dance. This was filmed on location at Ida Fisher School, Miami Beach.

Then we cut to Porky’s. The exterior filmed on set at Oleta River State Park.

Intercut we see the action around the Sheriff’s Office. Exact location unknown but somewhere in Oleta River State Park.

All the interior shots were filmed at Jilly’s, North Miami Beach.

All the exterior action revolves around the set built within Oleta River State Park.

The planning continues to pay off as the deputies go for a swim. Filmed on set in Oleta River State Park.

Porky gives chase to the county line where there is a welcoming party waiting. This was reportedly filmed on what is now the FIU Bay Vista Campus. Exact location unsure but reportedly ¾ mile south of 151st Street.




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