This movie was produced in 1960 and released in 1961, and it shows.  By today’s standards, and likely even by 1960’s standards this movie is so bad that it makes it, well, not good but certainly funny or laugh out loud laughable.  There are three main redeeming parts of the movie. The first half is filmed around greater Miami at several locations showing 1960’s Miami and the second redeeming value is that the second half of the movie is filmed at an iconic Miami area (Homestead, Fl.) attraction, Coral Castle. The third is even people who are not into 1950’s American automobiles will be impressed with the beautiful cars seen in this movie. I first learned about Coral Castle when I saw it on Leonard Nemoy’s; In Search of program.  It was the subject of season 5’s episode 16: The Castle of Secrets.  Of course there was another movie filmed there before Nude On The Moon.  Wild Woman Of Wongo (1958) which used Coral Castle as their dragon-god temple.


The movie begins with credits rolling over still shots of Coral Castle. We see a rather rare credit for a location at the start of the movie which if given at all in a movie usually comes at the tail end.

The movie opens with the main character, Jeff Huntley walking out of what appears to be a bank.

In the background we see an Eastern Airlines sign atop a maintenance facility.  At the time, Eastern airlines was headquartered at Miami International Airport. In the far northeast corner at what was once the Pan American Airfield.This must have been filmed on Kenmore Drive by NW 36th Street or very nearby but I have not been able to confirm this 100%, yet.

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Then we see Jeff Huntley driving down a residential street. Thanks to Harold Loeser who found this location, we now know that this was filmed on North Melrose Drive in Miami just north of Miami International Airport.  Headed southwest away from Hammond Drive and passing Pine Avenue.

Then we see him pull over at a service station (Midas Muffler shop) to call the lab. There are lots of clues to where this was filmed but I have not found it yet. Location unknown.

The Lab’s location is also unknown.

Next we see Jeff arrive at the lab. I suspect it was in the Brickell area. Brickell Avenue at 11th Street, southeast corner in a building that is long gone. I have not been able to track down enough information yet to confirm this location.

After seeing some bad acting in the lab we get a nice view out the Professor’s window.  He appears to be looking north from the Brickell area (Brickell at 11th Street) but I have not been able to confirm his exact location.

Next we see Jeff along the waters edge. Location unknown.

We see the Professor arrive along the shore to see Jeff. If you recognize this or any of the other unknown locations, please let me know at

They head out from Jeff’s spot on the water, headed to the rocket. It cuts and they pull out of a parking garage. It looks like it should be in the area of 1109 Brickell Avenue but the exact location has not been confirmed.

Right after they pull out we see a sign for the Miami Seaquarium so the filming must be in the Brickell area.

Then it cuts and they are driving in Coral Gables. Thanks to Harold Loeser we now know that this was filmed on Ingraham Terace. They turn from northbound on S. Le Jeune Road to eastbound on Ingraham Terrace. 6825 Riviera Drive is seen in the background.

Then another cut. Location unknown.

Then it cuts again and they are northbound thru the 500 block of Washington Avenue.  We see the Henry Hotel at 534 Washington Ave. This Is now the Fashion Haus Hotel. We also see the Variety Theater, now the Paris Theater.  We have seen this theater used in Miami Vice, episode 29;  Tale of the Goat and episode 110, Freefall as well as in movies such as All About The Benjamins and Bad Boys.

Then past a building with a sign that reads, Royal Tour Tickets.  Location unknown.

Then we see them on a causeway.  This has to be the MacArthur Causeway westbound past Star Island but it has changed so much it is nearly unrecognizable.

Then another cut but not enough is seen to tell where they are driving. Location unknown.

Then we see them travel over a bridge. Thanks to Harold Loeser we know that this was filmed on Hardee Road in Coral Gables. He is traveling eastbound. The two intersections scene in the background have been modified into mini rotaries sometime since 1980 but the bridge is largely unchanged.

Then we see them arrive at the launch pad.  Location unknown.

Then we see them enter into the rocket which is clearly an old commercial airliner. This scene is so bad that it makes me laugh every time that I see it.  Location unknown however; it would not surprise me to learn that this was filmed at the Eastern Airlines Pilot Training Center at Miami International Airport.

They land on the moon and exit their airplane, or rather rocket that looks like an airliner (probably a Lockheed Constellation). To their surprise the moon is not desolate but looks allot like Homestead, Florida. They investigate a nearby pond. This is likely just north of the Coral Castle but it is difficult to identify one pond from another with any certainty. Exact location unknown but most likely it was filmed in Homestead.

We quickly see that the moon has large golden nuggets, Power lines, water, vegetation and even swans.

Power lines

Soon, they arrive at the outer wall of Coral Castle. They are on the eastern side of the castle. Coral Castle is located on South Dixie Highway (US1) at SW 157th Avenue in Homestead.

In 1960 it was surrounded by woods and farms.


They climb the ladder and we see inside Coral Castle.

Up until the end of the movie where they return to earth the filming is centered on Coral Castle.

Into the well.

Then they decide it is time to return to earth.

Where we see them back at the lab.  The movie ends there.



Then we see what I believe is the Towne Motel at 1200 Brickell Avenue.

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