Smokey And The Bandit 3

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Driving eastbound on Recreation Road alongside of 75 approaching 27.

Smokey still on Recreation Road while Bandit is merging onto 27 south from 75 east. Near Weston, Fl.

The pursuit continues.  Eastbound on 75 under the overpass for the exchange between 27 north and 75 west.  By some movie magic Smokey has gotten off the Recreation Road and is on the interchange from 27 south to 75 eastbound.

The Fannen County Sheriff gets involved in the hot pursuit. No doubt filmed in the same area but the exact spot is unknown.

Location unknown.

Looks like the far west end of Sunrise Blvd. but it is now so developed it is impossible to confirm that it is or is not the location.

The chase continues down a remote partially paved road.  There are several places this could be. If you know where it was filmed please let me know at Location unknown.

They continue through a quarry. This could be one of several in and around the Medley, Fl. area. If you know where this was filmed, please let me know.  Location unknown.

Then they stop at Gatorkicks.  This was located at 15690 Tamiami Trail, Miami,Fl.  Sadly it no longer exist.  

This bar was also used in Miami Vice episode 94  Bad Timing.

The food stop allows Smokey to catch up. He is stuck on them like stunk on a skunk.

The cop directing traffic for filming was visible in the next shot. They probably figured no one would notice.

This funny part of the chase was pretty easy to find.  We see it is near a railroad crossing and they show us the street sign.  Sterling Road. They were eastbound on Sterling Rd. and turned north onto SW 3rd Ave. in Dania Beach, FL.

The water tower was taken down a little while back but it still shows on google earth.

Watch out for those eggs.

They race around the block and Smokey takes a short cut.

He cuts through the backyard of 204 SW 1st Street.

Now the chase cuts from Dania Beach to Hollywood,Fl.

They go from eastbound on Hollywood Blvd to a right turn onto S 20th Ave. Smokey cuts thru flowers on the south east corner of the intersection.

They go a short distance down S 20th Ave. and turn eastbound into the alley.

Then in the next cut they are west of 20th Street in the same alleyway, headed back to where they just were.  Bandit shoots across S. 20th Street and Smokey continues after them.

Looking east                                    Looking west

Clear on this side, clear on that side.

The pursuit is joined. They go out the way they came in.

Wait for me daddy. The pursuit jumps to Ft. Lauderdale, FL. There were lots of great clues in the background as to where this was filmed but it still took a while for me to suss it out. They turn from NE 6th Street onto NW 1st Ave. southbound.

Below you can see the top of the water tower behind the building. I recognized the logo to be Ft. Lauderdale’s city logo.

They continue south past NW 5th Street.

Then it they turn from NW 1st Ave onto NW 4th Street headed east toward N Andrew Ave.

Here I am daddy.

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